Decal Designer

How to Create your Decals

Starting the Decal Design

  1. Select the Wall Decals image
  2. Selected the media: Textured Wall Graphic
  3. Enter your Dimensions and press the calculate button
  4. Click the Enter HP Wallart button to use the software

The Decal option has a minimum print size of 100cm by 127cm you can create lots of small decals to fill up the desired space or make one or two large decals at your size.

an image showing hot to start the design process for decals

Choosing your Decals

  1. Select the file with the Decals in them
  2. Browse the Decals
  3. Drag your desired Decal to the Printing panel
  4. Use this Node to resize the decalĀ 
  5. The Blue Node rotates your design

PRO TIP: fill the whole panel with decals

You pay for the entire size of the panel so fill it up with designs re-scale and rotate Decals to get the most out of the panel.

image showing the steps to add your decals in the design software

Finalising the Design

  1. Enter your file name and save the design.

After saving you design you will be taken to the add to cart page

there is a current issue with the pricing in the app, the price will be the same as calulation price on the first stage of the design with G.S.T added

PRO TIP: Designing on a tabletĀ 

Tablet Design allows for you to save and revisit your design as many times as you like.

image showing the final process of saving the design

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