Are these Decals Made in New Zealand

The Answer is yes all The Wallpaper Stores Decals are made In Central Otago by Design Shop, a New Zealand Born and Breed Company. We Source all or Adhesive Vinyls and Wallpapers from New Zealand businesses and we love to print Murals decals and signs.

Can I apply you Mural and Decals to painted walls

Our Decals are well known for being removable and reusable and can apply to almost most surfaces. Our decals can be attached to non-porous surface such as walls, floors, ceilings, furniture and fridges. If you have a Wash’n’Wear painted surface our decals will NOT stick. Even though Wash’n’Wear paint is great for keeping dirt off it also rejects any adhesive – which means decals. Our Photo Wallpaper are for internal use and can also be applied to most non-porous surfaces.

Will i need any tools to install my Mural or Decal?

Yes you will need tools for most jobs, we supply Instructions and squeegees with all our decal orders. When working wall murals that are pre pasted on the HP wallpaper you will need a large sponge, a wallpaper bath and a sharp craft knife , also a tape measure and a level. It is recommended to use a straight edge for trimming and a drop cloth to protect the floor.

Do i need to prepare my walls before application

Prepare your Surface. In order for your Decal to stick, you need a clean, smooth, dust free and dry surface.
To guarantee such a surface, grab a cloth and give your wall a quick wipe down.

Please Note:

*Our Decals will not work on any Wash’n’Wear painted surface.
*For freshly painted walls, allow 3 weeks for the paint to cure for attaching your wall Decal.

Are my Decals and Murals Safe around children

Yes, they are at our Printing Store Design Shop, we use HP's latest latex technology, Graphics printed with HP Latex Inks are odorless.

Water-based HP Latex Inks need no special ventilation.(4 They also require no hazard warning labels and are non- ammable and non-combustible, they are Greengard certified for children and schools.

Are the Decals easy to remove or reuse

At The Wallpaper store we only use the best textured Vinyl to install wall Decals, this makes them very easy to remove and reposition, just as easy as lifting and edge of the decal and peeling right off.