WallArt Videos

Design is in your hands

HP WallArt is design made easy we let you take creative control. With a simple, easy-to-use design tool, you can get the job started on your own using personal photos, your own image gallery, or by searching a vast library of high-quality images, designs and artwork from market-leading partner, Fotolia.

We offer the ultimate design experience -with the iPad and android app design, using actual wall images.


HP Latex the way of the future

Today, decorative design can touch virtually everything and everyone. When you can digitize,  customize, even individualize, you have powerful tools to differentiate your home or office. HP Wallart is designed to help you take full advantage of the interior decoration opportunity. The versatility and flexibility of HP Latex solutions address traditional markets like wallcoverings or canvas, as well as trendy new applications related to home fashion.

Learn how to prep your walls

How to install wall coverings using the "paste the wall method" following simple installation instructions, generated by HP WallArt software.

watch this video to learn what tools you will need and how to prep your walls for  wallpaper installation. This video shows you how to use your tools and install your wallpaper or mural, and to use the registration marks printed on your wallpaper design.

You will also learn how to finish off your installation by trimming and cleaning your wallpaper or mural. 

Another great Installation Video

This second video gives another rundown on what you need to install the wallpaper or mural. It shows you tools you need and how to center your wall you will also learn how to remove large bubbles from the print using a sponge.

Finally the finishing process trimming and checking you Mural or wallpaper