Wallpaper Designer

Create Wall Murals and Wallpapers with ease

Start Creating you Wall mural

  1. Select the Wall covering option
  2. Select the media
  3. Enter the room dimensions tip add 4cm to the final measurement
  4. Press the Calculate button
  5. Click the Enter HP Wallart Button

TIP: The pricing you see will a rough guide to the finished product

an image showing hot to start the design process for wallpaper

Using HP Wallart

  1. Select you Image source, Fotolia has over 35 million images
  2. Search for your image by entering a name
  3. Select your background image
  4. Drag your background image to the design page

PRO TIP: You can upload your own images

the folders suppiled by HP, Design Shop and The Wallpaper Store or free for all uses. Images from Fotolia are subject to charges which are added at the end of the design process.

image showing how to use the designer and how to search for images

Adding Foreground Objects

  1. Select the Foreground tab and choose the content folder or provider
  2. Choose your foreground object
  3. Drag your object to the print page
  4. Use the Node to resize your Object
  5. The blue Node rotates the Object
  6. When the design is complete click Next

PRO TIP: Foreground Objects With white Backgrounds

The Wallpaper Store will remove any backgrounds for you free of charge.

Image showing hot tu use the designer with objects

Finalising the Design

  1. Enter your file name and save the design.

After saving you design you will be taken to the add to cart page

there is a current issue with the pricing in the app, the price will be the same as calulation price on the first stage of the design with G.S.T added

PRO TIP: Designing on a tablet 

Tablet Design allows for you to save and revisit your design as many times as you like.

an image shoing how to add objects in the wallpaper and mural designer

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