Decorate your home by printing custom [wallpaper and decals]

Decorate your home by printing custom wallpaper and decals

Wouldn't it be nice to create a beautiful feature wall,  Painting the house is so 21st century and it is a highly expensive option. Wall Art is the best solution to change the outlook of your interior and make it look more interesting.
Wallpaper and decals are inexpensive and easy to apply. You can easily remove them from the walls if you are planning to change the look of your interior. Printing the customised wallpapers and decals is the best way to assure that your house is decorated according to your personality.
However, Designing the wallpaper might seem like a daunting act to you. Don't worry because our experts have made the entire process easy for you. Here are a few steps you need to follow to print the perfect decal or wallpaper.

1-Select the image

For printing the customised wallpaper, you should start with the selection of images. There are several images available at our online store that you can select for the process.
In case you have your own pictures that you took on your trip or a friend of yours sent you some, you can turn them into a decal. It is important that the image you select is compatible with your style sense and interior of the home. You can select a historical building, an interesting pattern or something unique that you think will look interesting.

2-Measure the wall

Once you have selected the image it is the time that you measure the wall on which you will be applying the wallpaper or decals. You have to measure the width and the height of the wall. It is important that you increase 5 to 10 centimetres from the original length.
The reason is that there might be some uneven lines in the wallpaper or you might not have measured correctly. Adding a few centimetres to the original length will give you the chance to apply the wallpaper perfectly. You can easily trim the extra part but if the wallpaper is shorter, it will ruin the entire look.

3-Enter the Wall Art Designer

You can find Wall Art Designer in the menu, you can now add the measurements you have collected into the wall art designer page. Then select the media that will be printed and enter HP Wallart. Now you can upload the images on the online platform. Do not forget to mention all your special requirements regarding the image and if you want some changes in the structure or the background we will remove the background from foreground images at no cost to you.
It is important that you are the owner of the image that you have selected. If you are not the owner of the image, ensure that you are permitted to use it for your own purpose. If selecting an image from Fotolia or Pattern Design, there will be a charged added to the design at the end of the process.

For Decals and stickers do not be alarmed with the initial price, the designer is taking in the total size of your wall, your decal or sticker price will vary depending on the size you design.

4-Pick your colours

It is not important that you have the exact same colours of the image on the decal or wallpaper. You can have your personalised touch in the image. You can even create a panoramic effect by adding the right color combination or make it look historical by keeping it black and white. The common types of colours used are:Each one of these will have a different effect and shadow on the image. It is important that you apply all of them, before the selection of the best one.

5-Check the sample

Once everything has been finalized, we will start the printing procedure for your wallpaper or decals.

• You can choose to have a sample sent to you free of charge or decide to proceed with the production of your art work.
• For designing the custom graphics our experts use the HP wall art
• To design the murals or decals we use up loadable images and Fotolia stock website, and

Our experts are aware of the sites and software that will maintain the standard and quality of the work. We will develop a sample and send it to you for quality testing. If you want any changes you can let us know. Your satisfaction is most important and our specialists will not print the entire wallpaper or decal until you approve the work.

6-Plan with the experts

In case you are confused about the image, style,  or colours that you would like to have for your wallpaper or Decal do not worry. We are only a click away and you can share your issues with them. They will ask you a few questions about the type of interior you have in mind and within seconds, you will get the best suggestions. In this way, you will not have to waste your time on thinking the perfect combination and so within a few days, you will be decorating your interior.

Bottom line
Before you hit that purchase button, you can be assured that you have selected the best image for your wallpaper. From the kid’s room to the office, you can have the wallpaper and decals for any room. Do not forget to consider your budget while you are planning everything. Now it is the time to customize your interior.

Welcome to the Wallpaper Store

Hello everyone this has been a big year for the team at Design Shop, we are happy to launch this new website. The Wallpaper Store, it is our new platform for home decor, we have four projects to choose from.

  • Wall Covering’s
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At the Wallpaper Store we can print wall coverings from small rooms to large rooms, it’s time to get creative and unleash you inner designer. We have partnership’s with HP and Fotoila(now adobe stock images), and also with wall covering design site